The Baffle Type Grease Filter is designed for use in commercial kitchens to remove airborne grease prior to entering the extraction system. It is recognised that there is an increasing need to maintain and improve hygiene standards in kitchens and to reduce the fire hazards above the heat source. The Baffle Type Grease Filter reduces fire hazard with their unique design concept of non-grease loading (negligible grease accumulation), and interlocking baffle walls which restrict the passage of flames into the ductwork. The Baffle Type Grease Filter’s smooth surface enables deposited grease to run off via the drainage holes, to grease collecting trays in the canopy or grease filter housing, where it can be easily disposed of. Efficient grease removal by Baffle Type Grease Filters minimises grease build-up in the kitchen extract ductwork system and ensures that duct cleaning requirements are kept to a minimum.