The Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) is used in kitchen extract systems or industrial applications for the efficient removal of grease, smoke, and airbourne oil / coolant mist. ESP’s can be either duct mounted or free hanging for the recirculation of air. A single pass ESP will achieve a grease and smoke removal efficiency of 95%. Where efficiency is critical (eg. Low level kitchen extract) a double pass ESP is recommended to achieve a 99% efficiency.


The Electrostatic Precipitator is manufactured from Galvanised Steel and finished with an Epoxy Powder Coat. The two metal washable filters within the ESP are manufactured with an aluminium frame and an aluminium knitted mesh filter pad. The Ioniser and Collector in the unit are combined in a single aluminium cell, which can be removed to be cleaned and replaced as required by the operator.


Power: 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase Controls: Auto Cut Off Switch When Door is Open. Fault Indicator and Operation Lights. For high grease / oil applications drainage is required. A minimum of 150mm below the unit should be allowed for a suitable drainage system to be installed. To treat airflows larger than those stated multiple units are used together in parallel. An ESP joining kit is required to connect drains and flanges for ducting. Units are to be mounted horizontally only


These filters are manufactured for ease of installation and incorporation into ducted air systems. They can be used on both supply for purifying incoming air, and can be used on the extract to remove toxic gasses and odours generated within a process.

  • Elimination of Cooking Odours • Removal of Kerosene Exhaust Fumes • General Odour Removal • Smoke Removal • Neutralisation of Ammonia and its Derivatives • Removal of Formaldehyde • Removal of Airborne Pollutants and Contaminants • Removal of Acid Gases

There is a pre – filter to help prolong life of carbon filter


The modules are manufactured by mounting a series of panel filters within a sealed case. The airflow is optimized by presenting the filtering surfaces in a “V” formation. Each panel is sealed into the filter case so as to ensure no air can bypass the bonded granules. The panels are manufactured using long established bonding techniques which hold the granules in a in a rigid biscuit. The biscuit is encapsualted in a carbon impreganted cloth which prevents any leakage of granules or powder. The unique bonding method used by Purified Air ensures that the panels will remain intact and rigid even if wet.


The wall mounted ozone generator is corona discharge technology with advanced Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) power supply and generation chambers utilizing dehydroxylation quartz structure dielectric. Built in air pump and Weekly Programmable Timer.

The wall ozone generator can mix ozones to destroy bacteria, purify air and eliminate smells.


  1. Wall-mounted
  2. Air-cooling, Corona discharge(CD) technology
  3. Compact design with built-in air pump
  4. Economical, and low running costs
  5. Stainless steel enclosure & Teflon for O3 outlet
  6. IGBT Power supply with over temperature and over current protection
  7. Weekly Programmable Timer