The transformation from a tiled kitchen to cladded is unbelievable. It is a very cost effective way of upgrading any commercial kitchen or utility area. Cladding is available in either plastic or stainless steel, make your choice depending on its location within a kitchen.


The range offers full flexibility for all layouts and sizes as well as being highly versatile. It provides a costeffective solution, offering a simple system to clad all clean rooms. With a full selection of joining profiles and fixing materials our products are ideal for the modern kitchen. Our cladding products conform to the current Hygiene and Fire regulations, and are essential in areas where the possible spread of bacteria is a cause for concern. They can be used in new build areas as well as more traditional environments where an upgrade to existing facilities is required; cladding is ideal for hygienically covering over old areas where plaster and tiles have previously been used. Strong with good impact strength, excellent fire rating performance, ideal for applications where a high degree of hygiene is essential. Typical applications include commercial kitchens, food preparation and storage areas as well as clean rooms. • Available in white with a satin or gloss finish (other pastel colours available)

All our work is perfectly coupled together using special connectors & trims.

Stainless Steel Cladding

Installing stainless steel cladding can improve the atheistic of any kitchen. Whilst maintaining good health working conditions, typically stainless is installed near appliances due to it being heat resistant.

Stainless cladding is available in an array of finishes including circular polished (Sullivan), dull polished (satin effect)


2500 X 1250 X 1.0

SULLIVAN POLISHED                                                                                          DULL POLISHED (BRUSHED)